Review - Tamrac 5793 Super Telephoto Lens Bag


The Tamrac 5793 Super Telephoto Lens Bag is designed to hold a telephoto lens up to 18 inches long (e.g. a Nikon or Canon 600 mm F4) with a pro size DSLR attached. The lens compartment is extremly well protected with padded walls and bottom that are approximatley 1 inch thick.

The front of the bag contains the tripod attachment system and comprises two adjustable straps and a tripod foot pocket. I find tripod attachment systems for most bags unsuitable for large tripods such as a Gitzo Series 3 with a Wimberley head attached and prefer to carry the tripod separately. I use the two adjustable straps to attach a rolled up bag hide.

Each side of the bag contains a small zipped pocket, an attachment slot for MAS accessories and a large mesh pocket. A fully adjustable foam-padded shoulder harness is supplied and also comprises an expandable sternum strap, waist belt and a foam padded back.

The bag is supplied with a rain cover for use in extreme downpours.

External stowage


I use the zipped pockets to hold a utility knife, memory card box, lens cloth in one side and a rain cover, spare camera battery and a small bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel in the other.

The straps shown below the zipped pockets can be used to attach the Tamrac Modular Accessory System (MAS) that can be used to hold additional equipment. MAS accessories come in various sizes and there will most likely be some that you would find useful. The MAS accessories loop through the strap and attach very securely with velcro.

Mesh bags are located at the bottom of each side. These are just large enough to hold a camera body up to the size of a Canon 5D or 7D.


I use the bag with one MAS accessory case that is large enough to hold a Canon 70-300L F4 - F5.6 (or a set of extenders) and use the Mesh bag on the opposite side to hold a small flask.

If it is necessary to carry more gear, the MAS accessory and the flask can be fitted to one side thus freeing up the other side for additional storage.


Internal stowage


The internal storage is accessed by releasing the zips down each side of the front cover. The compartment has a divider that is adjustable via velcro fixings to allow the camera body to rest on it and to accommodate for different length lenses. The divider also has velcro tabs that locate over the front of the lens to help hold it in place (not attached in the picture below).

The picture below shows the internal compartment holding a Canon 400 mm F2.8 MkII L IS attached to a 1D MkIV camera. There is sufficient space above the camera to hold a pair of binoculars, or the shoulder can be adjusted to take an extender fitted between the lens and camera.

The inside of the front cover contains a small zipped pocket and four memory card pockets.

Carry handle and harness


The carry handle is located on the top of the bag and is rubberised to give a non slip finish. The Harness is contoured and is fully adjustable.

I find the bag very easy to carry once the correct adjustments are made.



At the time of writing, the bag has had almost 12 months use and still functions as new, no problems with any zips or stitching, fraying etc.

If you are in the market for a long lens bag this is the one to go for. The internal compartment provides a great deal of protection for your expensive lens and has the advantage of being customisable by use of the MAS accessories. The slim profile makes it easy to carry long distances.



Internal dimensions 17 x 20 x 53 cm

External dimensions 23 x 27 x 56 cm

Weight just over 2 Kg.

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